Sri Sri On MANTRA ;OM NAMAH SHIVAY ; and Shares Story

Om Namah Shivay has been called the maha mantra.
Na (earth element),
Mah (water element),
Shi (fire element), and
va (air element) – ya (sky element ) – the life energy
in all elements is represented by this mantra.
It is so powerful! It builds the energy in your system and clears the environment.

When someone abuses you verbally, how do you feel?
If someone says that you are a donkey, how do you feel? What does it do to you? What does it create? Anger! It shakes you. It creates some negative vibrations; you feel angry. You feel some sensations in the stomach, the head.

If a bad word can create so much physiological reactions in you, do you think a very sweet name, a chanting, which includes a lot of energy of the cosmos, does not do anything to your body?
It is unscientific and stupid to think that a mantra does not do anything to your body. That is not the case! It does.

Mantras bring out all the positive energy inside you. It is called mantra kavach; a mantra creates an armor around your body.

We postpone doing good things, but we do anything bad right away – a story by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Once, there was a businessman who was drowning in the river. He called out to a fisherman in a boat. He told the fisherman, ‘Please save me somehow, if you save me, I will give you my entire wealth.’ The fisherman took him in his boat without saying anything.
As soon as he got into the boat, the businessman said ‘Look, I can’t give you my entire wealth, but I will give you half of it. I don’t want anything, but my wife and kids will not let me give the entire sum; I have to leave something for them too.’
The fisherman just smiled, he did not say anything.
As the boat was reaching the shore, the businessman again said, ‘Look, if I give you half, what will I do? I have given the other half to my wife and kids. I can give you a quarter, maybe’.
Then as the boat came nearer to the shore, the sum kept reducing further. As soon as they came to the shore, the businessman gave the fisherman $5.
The fisherman said, ‘What, you are worth only $5?’
The businessman said, ‘How much does it take to bring me from there to here? It costs only $3; I have given you more than it’s worth.’
The mind changes! When you want to do a good thing, you should do it immediately, otherwise the mind changes.
We postpone doing good things, but we do anything bad right away.


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