Sri Sri advise for STUDENTS AND PROFESSIONALS on Tension and Breakup

When you feel tension during studies, just relax. And all students must eat carrots.
Especially those who are wearing spectacles, you need vitamin A and that comes with carrots. So start eating more carrots.
Proper food is very essential. If you eat properly you will not fall sick. We fall sick because we don’t eat well. Most of the time we want to eat food that is tasty, and not that food which is good for the body. We should eat food that is good for the body.

Two to three times a week, take one or two Neem tablets. It is very good for the stomach and the nervous system. Do you know, in Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashram they would keep Neem Chutni every day, because it is good for the mind, the body and the stomach. It also improves the immune system of the body.
Triphala is also good very for the body. All the imbalances in the body get cured with Triphala.

So we must take some of these Ayurvedic medicines, they are good for the body. And we must also do some chanting.
Today, I read in an article that Om is not just a mantra, it is a medicine as well. So we must chant Om every day; at least three times.
Chant Om Namo Narayana or Om Namah Shivaya every day. These are called Maha Mantras. We must chant mantras every day.- Sri Sri

So eat good food, use medicine, chant mantras and keep on smiling.
Problems are there in everybody’s life. They come and go. No problem stays forever. So have this faith that I will get whatever I need and keep moving forward.

Gurudev, if love means to spread joy and happiness, then why does it hurt so much?

Sri Sri: You know, the first experience we have when we come to this planet is pain. When we came out of the mother’s womb it was painful. It was painful for both the mother and the child.
For nine months, the child happily floats within the mother’s womb and has to do nothing. Its food is directly supplied to the stomach and it does not even have to chew anything.
As a baby, you were in such a blissful condition for nine months and then suddenly the water disappeared and you were forced to come out of that comfort zone. That was painful for you. So that was your very first experience of coming to the planet.
When you first came, it was so painful that you started crying. If you would have not cried, then your parents would have cried! So you cried and the people around you laughed (in joy and happiness at birth). Just imagine what it was like, you cried on being born and everyone else was happy.
Your second experience was love. After being born when your mother took you in her arms, you felt so much love and care. Everybody in the family loved you. Your grandmother, grandfather, uncles, aunties, everyone. All loved you and gave you so much attention. But all this came after experiencing a little pain, isn’t it? So pain is a part of love and you should simply swallow the bitter pill. It is good for you. Do not try to run away from the pain. If you run away from the pain, you also run away from love.


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