“There are two types of milk protein – A1 Beta Casein and A2 Beta Casein. The milk from 

Jersey cows (not native to India) contains A1 Beta Casein while the milk from the cows 

native to India contains A2 Beta Casein. The type A1 causes Autism, Schizophrenia, 

Stomach Ulcer, Ulceritic Colitis, Crohn’s disease, etc. They have done about a hundred kinds 

of research on this. It is mentioned that people are falling sick after drinking milk that 

contains the A1 type milk protein. It is suggested to use milk that contains the A2 type of 

milk protein. This type can be found in goat’s milk, sheep milk, human milk and native 

cow’s milk. It is mentioned that infants have to be given mother’s milk only. We need to use 

milk from cows native to India, even if they give a lesser quantity of milk. However, the 

imported cows, though they give more milk, it is not beneficial to our health.” – SRI SRI

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