Sri Sri on Modulations of Mind (WISDOM DAWN)

We can handle pent up emotions, if we learn how to handle our mind through our breath. 

This is very important.

In schools we teach dental hygiene, but not mental hygiene. Whether one is a professional 

or a business man, they need to know mental hygiene. 

Huge emotional loads weighs on many people, right from the young mind to senior 

citizens. Neither at school nor home, no one teaches us how to handle our mental or 

emotional pressure. This emotional cleansing, emotional hygiene, or feeling light hearted 

from within needs to be taught, and it can bring about a big transformation in society.

Then you will see a violence-free society, disease-free body, confusion-free mind, inhibition-

free ­ intellect, trauma-free memory and sorrow-free soul, and we can have a better, happier 

and prosperous society.

|| Jai Guru Dev ||

Q: Guruji, what are the modulations of mind?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Maharishi Patanjali has said ‘Yoga Chitta Vrutti Nirodha’ (Yoga is the 

act of restraining or freeing the mind from the clutches of its modulations). There are five 

types of modulations of the mind, which can be painful or not painful. The first modulation 

is Pramaana – always thinking if this is right or wrong, wanting proof for everything. There 

are 3 kinds of proof the mind looks for- Pratyaksha (experiential proof), Anumaana 

(inferential proof) and Agama (scriptural proof). The second modulation is Viparyaya – 

wrong understanding. We spend three-fourths of our time in Viparyaya. Either our opinions 

about people will be wrong or their opinions about us will be wrong. You think one person 

is bad and another person is good, but your opinions change after some time. Not knowing 

things as they are is Viparyaya. The third modulation is Vikalpa – imagination, hallucination. 

It is imagining something that is non-existent. Some people imagine that something has 

happened to them and become afraid. A twenty-year-old youth had come to me. Though 

he was healthy, he felt that he had a lot of diseases. Doctors checked him and found that 

everything was fine, but he still wouldn’t believe it. Illusion about the existence of 

something that is non-existent is Vikalpa. The fourth modulation is Nidra – Sleep. If you are 

not doing anything, you feel sleepy. Nowadays, people sleep even when they are working! 

A lot of people in the parliament are seen sleepy and yawning. The fifth modulation is 

Smruti – Memory, remembering all that has happened in the past. We have to become free 

from these five modulations. Only then does the mind become pleasant. How is that 

possible? It is possible through Pranayama and by being aware that all that has happened 

so far is like a dream. You brushed your teeth, took bath and ate breakfast in the morning. 

At this moment, look back and see, you will feel that they are like a dream. Similarly, some 

more decades will pass, and some days will be good and some days will not be so good. 

We need to observe ourselves if we are able to keep our mind balanced through the ups 

and downs. This is Yoga. ‘Tada Drusthu Swarupe Awasthanam’ – the seer reposes in the 


Q: Guruji, Please tell us what is so special about the tip of the nose?

Sri Sri : All the sensory nerves end in the tip of the nose. There are two points that are important for alertness and focus of the brain – the ear lobes and tip of the nose. They are the marma points. These are the secret points. If you keep your attention on the tip of the nose, your focus improves, especially for children. In the Jain tradition, they can multiply 100 numbers (avadhan). They focus on the tip of the nose. It’s amazing! They are faster than computers. Shathavadhanis, as they are called.

Avadhan is the technique of holding memories in your consciousness. It is like a photographic memory. People who follow this technique, Avadhanis, can tell you what date was Tuesday in 1700. This knowledge was systematically erased. That is the unfortunate part.


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