संस्कृति-अक्षय तृतीया किया हैं ?( What is Akshaya Tritiya?)

Each second of” Akshaya Tritiya” is Auspicious.

This is the time to put in our best to get eternal benefits.
Akshaya (in Hindi) means “never diminishing”

Many things happened on this day in the History:

🙂 # Draupadi was given Akshaya Patra (bowl) by Krishna which supplied unlimited food;

🙂 # Kubera, treasurer of gods, prayed to Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, to fill his treasury;

🙂 # Parashurama, the sixth incarnation of Vishnu, was born;

🙂 # Sat-Yug ended and Treta-Yug began;

🙂 # The Ganga descended from Heaven;

🙂 # Ved Vyasa and Ganesha began writing the epic Maha-bharata;

🙂 # AND Sudama, the poor friend of Krishna, came to Dwarka to ask for help. In return for a handful of beaten rice, Krishna gave immense wealth to Sudama.

🙂 # Gates of the Badrinarayana temple open on this day.

🙂 # Construction of chariots for the Jagannath rath yatra at Puri commences.

🙂 # Jains observe fast and break it with sugarcane juice as king-turned-monk Rishabhdeva was offered sugarcane juice after a year-long fast.


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