Power plant – 1917

                                                                        Karachi Theatre 1917

                                                                          Karachi 1917

                                                    Indira Gandhi with Two Son- Rajiv and Sanjay

                                                       Golden Temple before Independence

                                                      Golden Temple before Independence

                                              Mahatma Gandhi With Mr.Ravindra Nath Tagore.

                                                     Mahatma Gandhi with Mr.Malviya

                                                              Ford Automobile

                                                       Direct Action Day – Calcutta – 16,1946

                                                                           Delhi Gate-

                                                               Car Showroom Chennai – 1913

                                                              Bank of Madras- 1935

                      At the stroke of Midnight 14Aug,1947  Mr.Nehru address the New Nation through his speech
                                                    “TRYST WITH DESTINY”

                                         Mr.Nehru with  American First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy

                                                                    Ambulance in Chennai- 1940

                                                 Jawahar Lal Nehru- 1964 passed Away

                                       Train to Pakistan from Delhi Railway Station – SEND OFF 1947

                                                           The Dead Punjab – 1947

                                                  Receiving Mount Batten by Mr.NEHRU

                                                          Rajah Palace – TANJORE

                                              Nehru plays HOLI With Govind Wallabh Pant

                                                      The departmental Store

                                                       Nehru’s Press Conference

Mountbatten Swears Mr.Nehru The first prime Minister of INDIA

                                                                         The Liabrary

First Speech Holding Flag on 15 Aug,1947


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