Leuchorrea (Shweta Pradar)

Following are the signs or symptoms that indicate the presence of this disease in females:

• White discharge from the vagina accompanied by backache

• General debility

• Constipation

• Headache

Causes of Leuchorrea (Shweta Pradar)

In this ailment kapha dosha is responsible for originating this disease.

Leuchorrea (Shweta Pradar) Pathogenesis

This ailment is the result of aggravation of kapha dosha in the female body due to certain diets and lifestyle. Aggravated kapha contaminates the vagina and produces stickiness and itching in the vagina accompanied by a thick white discharge.

Treatment for Leuchorrea (Shweta Pradar)

The medical treatment given to women in this ailment is as follows:

• Pradrank Churna

• Pushyanuga Churna.

There are few remedies that are beneficial for curing this ailment:

Mix one teaspoon of Amla (Indian Gooseberry) powder with 1 teaspoon honey and take this mixture twice a day.

Recipes of Leuchorrea (Shweta Pradar)

• Boil six cups of water. Add 1cup rice and cook until rice becomes soft. Sieve the rice. The water is the rice gruel. Take one cup rice gruel and add salt (according to taste), a quarter teaspoon of black pepper. Drink warm.

• Soak five grams of fenugreek seeds in 250 ml. water (overnight or minimum of 4 hours). Boil and reduce it to 150 ml. Filter and drink warm once or twice a day.

Leuchorrea (Shweta Pradar) Panchakarma

• Mind must be pure.

• Sexual intercourse during treatment must be reduced or avoided.

• Avoid reading, watching or listening to sexually stimulating materials.

• Sattvic, easily digestible food should be taken at regular intervals.

• Non-vegetarian foods, excessive amount of puddings, garlic, onion, pickles, potatoes, sour foods, excessive fried and greasy food must be avoided.

• Bowels must be well cleansed regularly.

Yoga for Leuchorrea (Shweta Pradar)

• Paschimottanasana

• Sarvagasana

• Halasana

• Padmasana

• Bhujangasana

• Shalabhasana


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